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Hummus! the Movie

Hummus! The Movie Director: Oren Rosenfeld | Israel | Documentary | 2016 | 70 mins | English, Arabic and Hebrew w/ English subs "The film keeps a feel-good vibe throughout its duration, while subtly hinting at some of the key challenges Israeli society is facing. Just don't expect to get a confirmation on who actually invented hummus. That, it appears, will remain an eternal question." - The World Weekly An eclectic, touching film about hummus, the delicious super food sweeping across Europe and America. Secret recipes, a Guinness World Record and the power of hummus to bring Muslims, Christians and Jews together - in the Middle East, America and around the world.

Oren Rosenfeld
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Seattle International Film Festival Seattle June 1, 2016 North American Premiere Israel Berlin Jewish Film Festival Berlin June 5, 2016 European Premiere Israel San Francisco Jewish Film Festival San Francisco July 21, 2016 Israel UK Jewish Film Festival London November 6, 2016 UK Premiere Israel Trento Religion Film Festival Trento October 8, 2016 Italian Premiere Israel Warsaw Jewish Film Festival Warsaw November 22, 2016 Polish Premiere Israel Austin Jewish Film Festival Austin November 8, 2016 Texas Premiere United States Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival Jerusalem December 20, 2015 Israel Premiere Israel Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival Hong Kong November 19, 2016 Premiere Far East Hong Kong Omaha Jewish Film Festival Omaha August 21, 2016 Omaha Premiere United States Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival Palm Beach August 24, 2016 Florida Premiere United States New York Jewish Film Festival New York January 21, 2017 New York Premiere United States Lisbon Jewish Film Festival Lisbon May 22, 2017 Portugal Premiere Portugal Berlin Interkulturelle Filmtage 2016 Berlin September 29, 2016 Germany IMFF September 2016 Copenhagen September 30, 2016 Best Foreign Documentary Denmark

Hummus! the Movie