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International Award winning feature documentary BLOOD LIONS follows acclaimed environmental journalist and safari operator Ian Michler, and Rick Swazey, an American hunter, on their journey to uncover the realities about captive lion breeding and canned hunting. Lions bred for slaughter in South Africa is big business. Over 1000 captive-bred, hand-reared lions were killed in the country last year, fueling a multimillion-dollar international industry. Michler investigates the breeding farms where lions are hand-reared to be sold to the hunting industry. We witness the results of battery farming that provide stark contrast to lives of wild lions. Aggressive farmers resent Michler’s questions, but the highly profitable commercialisation of lions is plain to see – cub petting, volunteer recruitment, lion walking, hunting, and the new lion bone trade are all on the increase. It is a story that blows the lid off all the conservation claims made by the breeders and hunters in attempting to justify what they do.

Pippa Hankinson
Country of Origin
South Africa
Screenings / Awards

Durban International Film Festival Durban, South Africa July 22, 2015 South African Premiere Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam Rotterdam, Holland October 30, 2015 PlanetOn Film Festival Bogota, Colombia November 30, 2015 Lens Politica Film Festival Helskinki, Finland November 19, 2015 Telluride Mountainfilm Colorado May 28, 2016 United States Environmental Film Festival in the Nations' Capital Washington DC March 16, 2016 United States Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival September 14, 2016 Joshua Tree International Film Festival September 18, 2016 Awareness Film Festival Los Angeles October 16, 2016 Chagrin Documentary Film Festival October 6, 2016 FICMA International Environmental Film Festival Barcelona November 7, 2016 GOLDEN SUN 2016 Best Feature Documentary Spain Jaipur International Film Festival January 7, 2017 India